Okada Sues Wife and Children to restore Control of Family Gambling Empire

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The Okada family is gambling royalty in Japan, and they seem to have descended right into a dynastic energy struggle over control of their vast business empire.

Gaming equipment billionaire Kazuo Okada (left) ended up being ousted through the board of his company and replaced by his wife, Takako (right), who in cooperation with his children from another wedding, were able to take control of the challenged gambling dynasty.

Reuters reported Monday that patriarch Kazuo Okada, 74, is suing their son, daughter, and wife to wrestle straight back control of Okada Holdings, the corporate moms and dad of Universal Entertainment, a pachinko, slots, and casino equipment manufacturing company he founded in 1969.

Okada owns simply 46.4 percent of Okada Holdings, having ceded shares to his kids, who now own a combined 53 % managing stake in the company.

Universal Entertainment may be the cornerstone of Okada’s $2 billion fortune. Okada Holdings maintains a 67.9 percent stake in Universal, which booted Okada as being a board user in June.

Universal also has Okada Manila, a $2.3 billion casino resort that opened in the Philippines in and has been central to allegations of impropriety against Okada december.

Boardroom Coup

In a boardroom that is apparent on May 12, the gambling mogul who invented the ‘near miss’ for slots had been ‘completely blindsided,’ he said, if the board ousted him

Then, on May 23, according to general public filings, the Universal Entertainment board informed Okada which he was being investigated for the misuse of company funds.

Universal’s president Jun Fujimoto reported to your JASDAQ Securities Exchange that the company had reason to genuinely believe that their chairman that is former may committed ‘fraudulent acts’ associated with an ‘irregular’ transaction in 2015 of more than $17 million designed to ‘achieve personal benefit for Chairman Okada.’

Okada dismissed the allegations as ‘nonsense’ to Reuters, saying the transaction was a director’s loan used legitimately to expand junket operations for the Okada Manila, with repayment maybe not due until November.

‘That agreement is still active’ he said. ‘there is no nagging problem.’

Family Counseling

Okada stated the choice to sue his household came, in part, from a desire to speak to their family. He said he has not seen his son Tomohiro in two years, and thinks the household feud has stemmed from his son’s belief that he was not being compensated dividends that are proper his stake in Okada Holdings.

‘Unless I sue there are going to be no opportunity to talk,’ Okada said. ‘The truth is, i will be in a losing position in terms of voting liberties.’

Okada said he believes his estranged daughter Hiromi can be reasoned with, he did not know her whereabouts though he admitted. He hopes the lawsuit shall prompt a judge to order negotiations between the Okadas, he said.

On Universal Entertainment announced that Okada’s 43-year-old wife, Takako, who is not the mother Tomohiro and Hiromi, had been reappointed to the board, where her role will include running her husband’s art gallery and advising the company on international business thursday.

Venus Williams Breaks Down Discussing Fatal Car Crash After Wimbledon Victory

The Venus that is usually stoic Williams a rare burst of emotion on Monday at Wimbledon, while speaing frankly about a car or truck crash by which she ended up being recently found to be at fault that resulted in the death of the Florida man.

Besieged by the press at Wimbledon on Monday, Venus Williams broke down in tears after attempting to answer a question about the car that is fatal she was involved in on June 9. (Image: ECHOnigeria.com)

In her very first live remarks about the June 9 car accident that involved her and a couple that is elderly Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Williams expressed her pain over the crash, which resulted in the death of 78-year-old Jerome Barson.

The tennis star addressed the tragedy after her victory that is first-round over Mertens 7-6 (7), 6-4 on Monday at the All England Club. It in fact was a topic she’d have preferred in order to avoid, but by having a persistent press politely peppering her, she relented.

‘ There are really no expressed terms to describe, like, how devastating and — yeah, I’m completely speechless,’ she said. ‘It’s just — yeah, I mean, I’m just.…’

With her head lowered and fighting back rips, she left the room to compose herself, returning minutes later to finish the meeting. She then answered only questions regarding her match.

Facing Lawsuit

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department has determined that Williams was accountable for the collision, though they’ve not submitted a last report. They did mention she wasn’t apparently intoxicated by medications or alcohol, nor had been she discovered to be distracted by a mobile phone.

Barson’s household has filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit and are seeking a sum that is undisclosed. The brief claims Barson’s wife is suffering grief and psychological discomfort due to Williams’ actions. They have required a jury test.

They also assert Williams ran a red light and that Linda Barson ended up being unable to stop and collided into her. Numerous witnesses apparently have supported up that account and police put inside their report that she had caused the accident by ‘violating the right of method.’ Malcolm Cunningham, the attorney for the 37-year-old in this case, maintains the light was green when his client joined the intersection.

Focusing on Tennis

There is a moment of doubt that Williams would also play at Wimbledon because of the fallout from the incident. However, officials associated with Grand Slam event confirmed she had entered.

The odds for Williams have moved slightly since the accident. She ended up being a 12-1 pick to win her sixth Wimbledon title before play started. Before Monday’s match it had jumped anywhere from 14-1 to 17-1.

Oddsmakers didn’t believe the controversy would affect her performance against Mertens, who she defeated the month that is last straight sets at another marquee event, the French Open. She was a 5-9 favorite in that match and is a 2-7 pick over her next opponent, Qiang Wang of China. The two will play on Wednesday.

Atlantic City Casinos Can Remain Open for Company, New Jersey’s Chris Christie Ends Government Shutdown

Atlantic City gambling enterprises have dodged a bullet. Later last evening, nj-new Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a budget bill that stopped the state’s government shutdown. Christie and their state legislature had unsuccessful to reach a spending plan agreement week that is last leading to a shutdown of non-essential employees on Saturday.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took plenty of heat for enjoying empty beachfront in front for the governor’s mansion last weekend, but now state beaches are once again open to the general public after he finalized a new budget deal that will also ensure Atlantic City casinos keep on taking your bets. (Image: Andrew Mills/NJ.com)

Under a law passed in 2008, Atlantic City casinos can remain available for a week following a government closure, but after a week, the video gaming floors must go dark. Christie signed a $34.7 billion budget on July 3 that relieves those concerns. All state parks and beaches are back open, just in time for Independence Day traffic.

The closing will still hurt the Garden State fiscally, nevertheless. Beaches and parks up and down the Jersey Shore had been closed within the week-end, losing revenues during what is often a vacation time that is popular. Hawaii missed out on parking and enable fees, and Boardwalk companies also suffered.

Keeping Atlantic City Open

The government that is first in New Jersey came ultimately back in 2006 when previous Governor Jon Corzine (D) was still in workplace. It arrived during the same time as this season’s closing, lasting from July 1 through July 8.

But 11 years ago, New Jersey didn’t allow Atlantic City casinos to keep open when the government ceased functioning. Because state video gaming inspectors are not considered ‘essential workers,’ the casinos had been forced to shut their doorways.

Some 36,000 gaming industry workers were told to remain home, and the 12 casinos then in operation suffered losses totaling nearly $20 million. A bill was passed and signed into law two years later that allows gambling venues to remain open for seven days after government shutdown starts.

This week’s spending plan stalemate has once again highlighted the issue. State Senator Jim Whelan City that is(D-Atlantic Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic County) are introducing a bill that allows gambling enterprises to stay open indefinitely.

‘We’ve had enough casinos shutting down within the last years that are few. We do not need more,’ https://real-money-casino.club/planet-7-oz-casino-review/ Mazzeo said.

Determining ‘Essential’

The case could be made that gaming inspectors are certainly important state employees with regards to Atlantic City. The gambling town is finally showing indications of life after enduring five casino closures between 2014 and 2016.

The Boardwalk and Marina District gambling enterprises are beginning to pull in bigger variety of gamblers once more. But they require to hold the power to keep no matter just what affects the rest of the state legislatively, Whelan states.

‘It doesn’t make any sense. You’re going to close a source of income that pays for itself?’ the Atlantic City mayor that is former asked.

Land-based gaming revenue year-to-date is up almost ten percent, and internet casinos are outpacing 2016’s income by 29 percent. Complex Rock is investing $500 million into renovating the shuttered Trump Taj Mahal, and MGM and Caesars both say they are prepared to make investments that are further Atlantic City.

Tolkien Estate v. Warner Bros ‘Lord regarding the Rings’ Slot Lawsuits Settled Out of Court

Entertainment monster Warner Bros plus the property of the belated high-fantasy writer JRR Tolkien have reached an out-of-court settlement in a long-running appropriate dispute between the two parties that erupted over the internet slot game Lord of the Rings.

Warner Bros and the estate of JRR Tolkien have actually settled their lawsuits that are mutual of court this week, but terms weren’t disclosed. (Image: Warner Bros)

Tolkien’s heirs had sued WB in 2012 for copyright infringement, after receiving a spam e-mail alerting them to the existence of Microgaming’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring online slot. The $80 million lawsuit claimed the film studio had unlawfully exploited its merchandising rights by licensing such items.

Tolkien granted those legal rights to United Artists back in 1969, but his estate claims this entitled the studio to license just ‘tangible personal property’ predicated on the books, such as ‘figurines, tableware, stationary items, clothing and so on.’

The estate failed to grant the creation of digital and gaming product, it claims, which it has branded ‘highly offensive.’

Warner Bros is UA’s distributor, and also distributes The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movie trilogies through its subsidiary, New Line Cinema.

Studio Countersues

‘Fans have actually publicly expressed confusion and consternation at seeing The Lord of the Rings related to the morally that are questionable decidedly non-literary) world of on line and casino gambling,’ states the Tolkien property lawsuit.

But Warner Bros then countersued, alleging that the suit had cost it millions in certification opportunities and breach that is also claiming of.

‘Because of the repudiation, Warner has not entered into license agreements for online games and casino slots in connection with The Hobbit, a type of customary exploitation it previously had utilized in connection with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which has harmed Warner both in the kind of lost license revenue and additionally in reduced exposure for the Hobbit films,’ stated the counterclaim.

Coming to Terms

Now, five years later, the suits have been settled, according to a filing in the Central District Court of Ca, although it is not clear whether there clearly was a settlement that is financial and if there is, who paid things to whom.

‘The events are pleased that they amicably resolved this matter and look forward to working together as time goes by,’ Bonnie Eskenazi, a lawyer for the Tolkien estate, told The New York Times via e-mail.

This wasn’t the very first out-of-court settlement between the 2 entities. The Tolkien property sued New Line in ’09, claiming it had been owed around $220 million, due under the 1969 agreement which entitled it to 7.5 percent of gross receipts through the three Lord of the Rings movies.

The father of the Rings is among the most widely browse literary works in the English language as well as its movie trilogy alone grossed a combined $3 billion at the package office worldwide.

Russia’s Far East Mini Las Vegas, Nevada Hopes to Attract More Chinese Gamblers

Within the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok, President Vladimir Putin’s authorities has poured billions of dollars into trying to transform the slot town as a bustling entertainment zone that attracts wealthy Chinese citizens.

Vladivostok is just a picturesque city that is port the Far East which had hoped to become a mini Macau or Las Vegas, but today only has one casino. (Image: Yuri Smityuk/Russian News Agency)

Located near the northeast edge of the People’s Republic, Vladivostok is trying to be always a miniature variation of Las Vegas or Macau. But to date, the town only has one casino, the Tigre de Cristal, even though Chinese site visitors are venturing to the gambling property, the robust optimism on the region has largely been met with disappointments and setbacks.

Putin’s regime designated Vladivostok an ‘integrated entertainment area,’ slated to include at least eight casinos and a variety of tourist attractions. But development has taken far longer than expected, and plans are now calling for only four additional gambling resorts.

Putin has long advocated against gambling, as he seems it’s an activity that is sinister poaches from those susceptible to compulsive behaviors. However, the controversial leader has no qualms with enabling foreigners, primarily the Chinese, from gambling at Russian casinos.

Smooth Starting

Tigre de Cristal has approximately 70 dining table games and 500 slot machines. Its upscale dining establishments focus on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean delicacies.

Russia’s largest city that is port the Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok is found just north of North Korea on the ocean of Japan. That makes its access convenient for anyone coming from China, South Korea, and Japan.

With gambling largely outlawed for nationals in those three nations, Macau being the exception that is special Vladivostok is planning to be preferred entertainment and casino destination for the vast sums of individuals who live in the region.

Though Putin is predominantly anti-gambling with regards to his own people, he’s allowed the creation of several specially designated gambling zones where Russians can place bets. The nation has four precincts where casinos may be built, and all are near foreign edges or in isolated areas.

Russian citizens can gamble at Tigre so long as they enroll with a passport and declare the money they intend to play with.

Missed Opportunity

Now seems to be the time that is perfect market towards the international Asian demographic. China continues to clampdown on VIP junket operators going wealthy mainland residents to Macau, and Japan remains years far from opening its built-in casino resorts.

But with just Tigre open, the Far East town is just a far cry from Macau or Las Vegas, both with regards to distance and gambling attractiveness.

Speaking with The New York circumstances, Chinese businessman Li Yunhui said the city lacks the amenities and services of Macau, but ‘at least it is close, while the air is clean.’

‘It feels like a developing country here,’ Yunhui explained. ‘This is how Asia was decades ago. What you can do in a time in china takes days here.’

Construction setbacks due to government red tape has left the ‘entertainment zone’ having a casino resort that is single. Putin’s push to make Vladivostok as a tourism epicenter began almost a decade ago.

Turkey to Launch Sweeping Crackdown to Eliminate Illegal Gambling

The government that is turkish launching a two-year offensive that aims to eliminate illegal gambling in the nation.

Turkish president Recep Erdogan’s plans to eliminate gambling that is illegal less alarming than his tries to erode democracy and undermine the rule of law. (Image: Associated French Press)

Overseen by the Interior and Justice Ministries in coordination with the Revenues Department plus the Police Department, period certainly one of the initiative will discover the establishment of an anti-gambling task force, hell-bent on targeting illegal gambling dens, internet cafes and websites.

The team will be headed a special prosecutor and composed of people of Turkey’s financial crimes unit (MASAK), banking regulation agency (BDDK) and communication technologies authority (BTK), according to Turkish pro-government, English-language newspaper, Daily Sabah.

Casinos were banned in Turkey in 1998 and online casinos in 2006, leaving legal gambling participation limited towards the national lottery advertisement the state-run SporToto recreations betting outfit.

Crackdown on Digital Currencies

The BDDK will initiate measures to prevent financial institutions from processing transactions related to online gambling, It will also put the squeeze on the use of digital currencies, such as bitcoin, for use in gambling, although the Daily Sabah did not elaborate on how it planned to achieve this under proposed new rules.

Search-engines is going to be supervised and citizens who access illegal sites is sent a text that is chilling warning them the government is watching. All gambling advertising is going to be banned and affiliate sites providing links to illegal gambling will be shut down.

Meanwhile, gambling operators and employees need their incomes seized, and homes where gambling has taken place shall be temporarily requisitioned by the us government.