Virtual Personal Assistant, GoButler, Raises $8 Million

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Virtual Personal Assistant, GoButler, Raises $8 Million


Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant that knows your likes and dislikes and can order things for you on demand?

If so, you’re in luck. The new company, GoButler, is currently in a series A funding round to raise $8 million in venture capital.


So how does it work? GoButler will ask you for your payment and address information the first time you use it.

This is then stored so you’ll never have to enter it again.

Once you do this you’ll be able to book flights or hotels, buy concert tickets, order delivery, make reservations, and shop.


Thinking about a dinner outside this Saturday? GoButler will help you make the initial reservation and then you can follow up on Saturday to ask about the weather and the traffic you’ll hit getting there.


These virtual personal assistants are called “heroes.” By just sending a text message, your hero can do whatever you ask them to.

Right now there are 30 heroes that are handling 5,000 requests a day.


CEO Navid Hadzaad envisions a future where your hero gets to know you on a personal level,


“Think of it this way: in 6 months, when you tell us “I want my favorite pizza now. I’m at home”- we know what your favorite pizza is, we know where you live, we have your payment details. In the background, our integrated-API with our food delivery partner will trigger the order, the payment will automatically be processed and you’ll get a confirmation. Isn’t that convenient?”

Right now GoButler is just SMS based although they are working towards building an app that will let users connect their hero with loyalty programs. So using your hero to book your flight will also help you build up those frequent flyer miles.

But this isn’t in the immediate future.


This round of venture capital will help GoButler expand to gain more users in their current locations: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; as of now they have 100,000 beta users.


With the world around us becoming more technological everyday GoButler seems like a natural step in this virtual future we’re building. Is this something you’ll utilize?