The loan I received from Ventury Capital got us the software we needed to keep better track and to provide better care to our patients. Truly invaluable. My account manager at Ventury Capital was Ernie Blockburger and he took great care of me. He was easy to talk to; he helped me understand the loan program as well as the process of executing it and still reaches out to me on occasion to see how business is going. Great guy. I am actually working with my account manager currently on financing another vehicle for an expensive license I need for the clinic. This would be my second time seeking financing from Ventury Capital and I would come back again if I needed money in the future.

Heustace Lewis

New Serenity Inc

Rob Zahm III

Valentine Plumbing and Sewer

I contacted Ventury Capital to attain capital needed to cover materials costs and payroll for an upcoming $700,000 bid we received through the city. The loan was used to pay up front materials and labor for a job that ended up netting our company $130,000 in profit over the course of the next 9 months. The guys over at Ventury Capital were great; they made the entire process easy for me. We hit more than a few snags along the way. We had an issue with a past book keeper and had to clarify some IRS payments, my partner and I recently swapped our 90/10 ownership and I had a judgment on my personal side from a past business venture that shut down years ago. My account manager at Ventury Capital was extremely helpful, every step of the way we hit a small bump on the road and he knew exactly how to navigate each item. From clarifying a satisfied tax lien to proving judgments were disputed and closed, it seemed like everything we needed to address was his top priority. I would definitely return to Ventury Capital for capital in the future. It would be foolish not to.

I saw an ad on Facebook for business financing and contacted Ventury Capital. At the time I had a loan with another bank. Ventury Capital was able to give me more money at much better terms. After working with them I had $25,000 in my account the next day. I bought a new truck for my recovery business. Over the last year I have renewed 3 times. I’ve been able to purchase three new trucks, purchase more technology, increase my efficiency, and seen my revenues every month rise. I now can let my business run on auto pilot while just one year ago I was stuck and in a tough financial situation. While there’s a premium on the money, I can’t beat the ability to access money quickly with only an application and bank statements. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Robert Jordan

Blackhawk Recovery

Michelle Salater

CEO Sūmèr, LLC

I’d been looking for capital to the fuel growth of my copywriting firm off and on for two years—approaching banks for lines of credit or a loan. Everyone turned me down because, as an entrepreneur, I was seen as a “risk.” This, despite my consistent yearly growth in revenue and profit. So, I did what I knew how to do: I made sales to generate the revenue needed for continual growth. When we needed more money, I sold more accounts. Being a service-based business, this can get ugly since I need talent to help fulfill what’s being sold. It was a Catch 22: I could grow faster with a loan, but since I couldn’t get one, there were times I had to slow down a bit—pull back on sales—to ensure we didn’t implode. When Ventury Capital said they could give me a loan in a matter of days, I jumped at the opportunity. Eric was amazing to work with—he clearly explained to me the process, and hustled to get me a loan with really great terms. In the three weeks since I received funding, I was able to hire two new people, purchase much-needed project management software, and ramp up sales and my ad budget. The result: I’ve brought more into my bank account in a 14-day period than I ever have in the five years I’ve been in business. Here’s what I learned working with Ventury Capital: acquiring funding for a growing company is not hard, it’s not impossible, and you don’t have to mortgage your house or hand over your firstborn. It’s as easy as showing bank and merchant statements and filling out some paperwork. Not only will I refer Ventury Capital to colleagues, but I also hope work with Eric again in the future!

This is the 3rd time I’ve worked with Ventury Capital and not the last. When I needed money for my businesses I needed it quickly and didn’t have time to wait for a bank loan. I saw an ad and thought “what the heck, it can’t hurt to try.” I must admit, I wasn’t sure if they could do anything for me because I had some tax issues but I needed the money. When I contacted them they said they can work with credit hurdles and they analyze the business more than anything. After a brief conversation I was able to receive $40,000 over 12 months. Every time I speak with you guys I can access more money. Thanks for everything. It’s been a big help. Since working with you I’ve seen my revenues increase 300% because of the money I’ve been able to put to use.

Alfonso D

Protective Services

Sean G Galloway

As a business owner I can’t stress enough about how important it is to have a banking relationship. When the big banks constantly turn their backs on businesses these days you need to have someone to turn to, and I believe that Ventury is one of the best in the lending industry when it comes to small businesses. They do cater to your needs and will work hard to get you exactly what you need. I will never work with anyone else after my recent experience with this company, there’s no need to.

Ventury Capital was excellent to work with.  I pretty much laid out our roadblocks in the initial email so when my loan officer called he was already getting the process in motion. It was a welcome relief.  He started right in and did what I thought was the impossible.  Our business growth is only limited by the amount of capital we can get infused into the business, so this is a major step for us.  We have been right on the edge for months now because we are growing so fast.  We have talked a lot of continuing or not.  Not because the business isn’t profitable, but because it is so tough just to operate from your own cashflow.  I told my wife that “this is a game changer…”. Eric was patient as we worked through the process as we missed some initials and signatures in the loan paperwork.  But we got it done.  I would not hesitate to recommend your company and our loan officer, Eric to other business owners. Our business is growing due to my internet marketing background. I am a blogger, so I will likely write a article about this because  I am sure there are others out there on the edge that you guys could help. It’s a struggle out there, so we are really glad we got the capital and the opportunity to start a relationship with a lender.


Ricc Brindicci

Ventury Capital was amazing to work with. On top of that Josh, my loan officer is an amazing individual. Not only is he up front and to the point, he worked relentlessly to make sure I was in the know at all times. He’s a great asset to your company in my opinion.

I must say that in the beginning I was very spectacle in the entire process. As a business owner wish I had an employee like Eric. He was very professional, up front, fast and extremely effective. Answered all my questions very clearly and honesty. Thank you for the making this loan happen. I look forward working with Eric again in future . also I will refer his name and Ventury Capital’s phone number to friends whom are self employed like me.

Manny Matsliah
American Appliances
Houston, TX

Penny CrozierC.H.E.K. Institue

We are very excited that we secured this loan as it will really help us speed up the implementation of some projects we are working on. Joshua was very helpful as I explained what I was looking for and he immediately knew the best type of loan we should apply for. He was good at following up with me and keeping me informed of the progress as the loan application was reviewed and went through underwriting. All in all, the process was much simpler, smoother and easier than I had anticipated and we look forward to coming back to Ventury Capital next time we have a need for financing – once this round is paid off!

Hello Nick!Thanks for your email. I have to say I had a superior experience working with Tim Williams. As a manager of 22+ shows on Broadway, and now doing the same work in Las Vegas, I’ve come to learn what real “customer service” is all about… and Tim delivered some “A’ list customer service. He was very patient with me (I had a ton of questions), returned my emails in minutes, literally, even on weekends, and was the definition of “professional”. (In fact, I may try to steal him away to come work for me!) Seriously, Tim didn’t pressure me, and really help guide me through the process (this is my first time taking such a loan as this). His patience with me was extremely appreciated. I’m grateful to Tim & your entire team for this loan… I genuinely feel this extra financial help will help my company reach the next level of financial success.


John Gaughan
Las Vegas LLC



Hey thank you for the email.. It was a pleasure working with Eric. He helped me understand all the steps in the process and was able to get back with me faster that I expected. Thanks to Ventury Capital and Eric you made this loan possible for me. Thank you guys very much!

Ventury Capital and Joe have been great to work with. He has been very professional, informative, patient and knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed going through this “new and unusual” process with him. He’s made me feel very comfortable. The next time I’m in need of funding again, Joe and will be the first person I reach out to. Thanks for a pleasurable experience.


Roger Walker
Vapors R Us

Rajendra ShresthaSenior Healthcare, Inc.

Thank you again to you and Eric for your help and cooperation. It is a life saver for my business. You guys are awesome. I will definitely come back to Ventury Capital for our future financial need to help grow our small business.

He was very helpful and helped us very much through the process in regardsto the loan. The entire process was fluid and easy. I look forward in doing business with Ventury Capital and of course, Mr. Eric!

Karina CortezC & R Remodel
Vapors R Us

Rachael Strickland S&D Automotive

The other companies I spoke with would not even try to help me get a small business loan because I haven’t been in business long enough but Jason Blinkey at Ventury Capital took the extra time to help me get a small loan to help my business prosper. Thanks Jason for all of your help!

Jason Blinkey was very professionally and helpful. I am highly likely to renew our loan when it is time with Ventury Capital. Your company is very blessed to have Jason.

Joseph H
JJR Auto Inc

Roberto A
SF Intermodal Equipment

From beginning to end Eric and Ventury Capital made the process seamless. Great customer service and, no lie, their turnaround was as they promised. Very quick!!!!!!

Lindsey was extremely helpful, the smoothness of the process, the quick timeline and everything as a whole of very easy. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for this type of loan to go to Ventury Capital.

Cory Horntvedt
Cory’s Performance Garage LLC.

Daniel Nigro
DJ Distributions

The process was very clear, and very smooth; I knew what was expected in advance, and there were no surprises. Thanks for everything VC!

Jason and the whole Ventury Capital team worked diligently to get us the working capital we had requested. Thank you for everything.

Dustin D
Tribute Funeral Service

WPacific REO

I was very impressed with the process and honesty of Eric Statzer and Alex Skudrovskis. They were both straight forward, honest, they listened to me, responded almost immediately to any questions I had, and told me what to expect upfront with no bull. I have dealt with other funding companies in the past, that have come now where close to the service you provide. Thank you for having Eric and Alex on your team. I’m glad I found Ventury Capital.

Ventury Capital is an amazing, fast service that works. Eric was great to work with. Thanks for everything!

WFutero Inc

Mark BMK Bryants
Kitchen Store and More, Inc

Kelly Harrington was very pleasant, upbeat and professional. She answered any questions in a short time either by calling or thru email. Ventury Capital provided an excellent service and we’re looking forward to coming back.

3rd time to working with you guys Love the process!

Gregg A
Timeless Ext.

VargheseValley Healing Hands LLC

The Ventury Capital team and Efrain in particular was absolutely wonderful, understanding, and swift in responding to my need and situation. Not only he worked hard inside 24 hrs to get me the funds, he got me the best rates and deal I can hope for. Thanks a lot to Efrain and the entire VC team.

Ventury Capital did a good job. Very respectful and great people to deal with. Doug and Alex, thank you for all your help.

A to Z Constrution/
John T

Thomas DDavant Orthodontics

Kelly is awesome. She always responds quickly to any email or text question I may send her way. She is a keeper. Thank you for all your help. This money for my business is going to help out big time!

Jason and the entire Ventury Capital team are incredible. Top notch professionalism. Thank you for everything you did.

Joseph J.
The Freemason Sequel LLC

DThree Peas In A Pod

Joe Schuck was very knowledgeable and helpful for meeting my needs. Thank you Ventury Capital for everything!

Saying that I “strongly agree” with my satisfaction is a massive understatement for the level of professionalism and personal attention I received from Ventury Capital’s Efrain. A top notch individual very rarely seen in this industry. Thank you for everything.

Gilbert J.
Leo Marketing

Steve K
Delta Shaver

Joe is a consummate professional. In our case, he went the extra mile to make sure that we were getting the best type of funding at the best price. I spent 25-years doing structured finance on the “Street” and am no stranger to most forms of debt financing. Given our circumstances and present needs, Joe was able to find us capital in markets where I had no previous experience. You can bet that we will be using Ventury Capital and Joe as we continue to penetrate our market and grow.