Factoring vs. Asset Based Lending

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rx online Factoring and asset-based lending are both commonly confused with one another.  This is because factoring is a type of financing based on assets.    Starting a business is hard and finding the right financing options is an ongoing issue that you will be faced with multiple times.  Here are some of the things [Continue Reading...]

How to Manage Your Small Business Credit Score

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rx online Most lenders use the FICO small business scoring service to establish a credit rating for a small business that is asking to borrow cash. If you are running a small business, it is important that you understand how this score works and how things that you do can have an influence on your [Continue Reading...]

8 Ways To Publicize Your Startup

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rx online If you wish for your startup to be successful, then you would need to invest in Public Relations. This is the best, and the most cost-effective method for thrusting your company into the spotlight. However, before you start to spread your message out there, you will need to know a few things. What [Continue Reading...]

Why Personal Credit Matters For A Business Owner

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rx online Anybody out there will be able to tell you that your personal credit rating will have an enormous impact on deals when it comes to loans and other sources of funding. However, there are very few people out there who seem to realize that personal credit could have a massive impact on your business.  [Continue Reading...]

How To Make Your Business Credit Application Stand Out

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rx online A flawless credit application is a must for small and large company owners alike. A successful loan application will show that your business is capable of repaying any loans it takes out. Furthermore, a successful application will also confirm that your business as a relatively low credit risk for lenders. So how do [Continue Reading...]