7 Powerful Actions That Skyrocket Productivity

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Most of the time people only see the surface of what makes a person successful.

They only see the parades and award ceremonies.

What they do not see is the blood, sweat, and tears underneath that the successful person had to endure and surpass to get to where they are now.

I want to know what these successful people are doing.

How do they think?

What habits and routines do truly productive people have?

So, I asked a few very successful people in my life and here’s what they had to say.   


Focus on Minutes

How many people do you know that live minute to minute?

Not many, if any at all.

Most people break their day up into half hour, or even hour segments.

However, those at the highest level of productivity keep an account of every minute throughout the day.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day and there is nothing more valuable than time.

It is the only thing in life that we can never get back.

Money can come and go, but time cannot be bought back.

Successful people live by the motto “Time is money.”

And they take it literally.

Shouldn’t we?


Not making a To-Do list

I understand the good intentions behind creating a list of things you need to do, so you do not forget.

And that is a great start because it is an attempt to do the right thing and be productive.

However, if you are not using a to-do list correctly, it can actually lead to more adverse effects, and increase stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

First, you need to prioritize the items on your list.

Then, do not add to the list without getting rid of something first.

Did you know that only 40% of all items on a to-do list ever get done?

In other words, 60% of what is on your to-do list will not get done.

Just as I was typing that statistic, I felt my stress and anxiety levels going up.

You will get better results by putting everything into your calendar along with a specific time and date that you are going to tackle that particular item.



With all the chaos and activity going on in our lives, we need to make time for tranquility and peace.

Meditating is a great option for experiencing peace within yourself on a daily basis.

Spending even 5-15 minutes a day meditating will result in amazing benefits.

It helps to clear your mind and connect to your true self.

It helps you focus better. You will have less clutter in your mind.

As you become more mentally organized and clear you will notice a slight change in yourself.

You will experience less stress and anxiety.

The new sense of clarity will allow you to take on your responsibilities in a more relaxed and positive manner.

I am not asking anybody to make a change in religion, or become Buddhist, but I am saying that meditation has helped me with a multitude of personal and professional issues I was enduring.


Learn How To Say “No”

It may be hard to do at first, but get comfortable with saying “No.”

There is power in the word no, so I recommend practicing and utilizing it.

It is even more important for people who like to please others or just struggle with telling people no.

Some people are afraid of disagreeing, or creating confrontation, and eventually hurt themselves because we can only take but so much before we burst.

Warren Buffett said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”

Saying no takes a lot of self-discipline, and Theodore Roosevelt said, “With self-discipline anything is possible.”  



 My suggestion to you is delegate as much as you possible can.

In my early years as a business owner, I struggled with delegation.

I was going through a power struggle within myself.

One day, one of my greatest mentors directed me to let go.

He said that I couldn’t be everywhere all the time. I would go crazy if I tried to do everything.

Learn the craft of delegating. Even with those precious nuggets of advice, it still took me years to really get what he was trying to tell me.

Take the “I” out of every situation.

Instead ask yourself, “How can “WE” get this task done?”  


Become A Morning Person

The earlier you go to bed, the easier it will be to wake up earlier.

Create a morning ritual for yourself that allows you to start your day off in a way that will forecast how the rest of the day will go.

There is a saying in the army that they get more done before 9am, than most people do all day.

And they are right.

Waking up earlier will give you a head start on the rest of the world.

You actually start your day earlier than 99.9% of the world when you wake up at 5am.

The head start will result in you getting things completed faster.

The greatest motivation is success.

It also allows you to take your time when doing things. Rushing may create anxiety, forgetfulness, and can create a sense of loss of control.

Even if you wake up even an hour earlier every day, you will notice a huge change. I know I did.     


Extreme Levels of Energy

Energy is everything, so keep it as high as you can.

You do not need to miss meals or sleep less to be successful.

To the contrary, productive people know they need food to fuel their body.

They know they need sleep to recover from all the energy they exude throughout the day.

They take time in the morning to eat a good breakfast and exercise.

Financial success is great, but at what extent?

Is it worth killing yourself for?

Should the level of your success have an equal reverse effect on your health?

I believe that if you are not healthy, you cannot fully appreciate the fruits of your labor.

Energy is contagious.

Your co-workers will become an extension of you.

If you want to get the most out of your co-workers make sure you are leading the pack.

People will only rise to the level at which you live at yourself.  


To conclude, you have to incorporate some of these ideas into your own life if you want to see change for the better.

Whether you are 20 or 30 years old, it is never too early to start adding some of these to your life.

What is the worst that can happen?

You might end up being more productive and successful.

You would not be mad at me for that, would you?