5 Characteristics of a Trustworthy Business

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5 Characteristics of A Trustworthy Business

Trust is crucial for any healthy business relationship.

It will never be 100% accurate, but these 5 characteristics of a trustworthy business, prove to be the foundation of a viable business.

They should be looked for in every business prior to creating a relationship with them.

If you’re not sure who can be trusted, use these characteristics as a foundation for a business that can be.

Authenticity: Ever heard the term “Keep it real?” Real authenticity requires you to be straightforward in all aspects of the business.

You must keep promises, build relationships, follow rules and regulations, and most importantly keep your word.

It’s not only about doing the few big things, but all the little things needed on your way to being successful. Always tell the truth.

People will increase their trust in you as you prove you can be trusted.

Confidence: In any relationship, people trust others who know what they are doing.

People tend to believe in people who believe in themselves. Confidence is so key to success it gave birth to the term “Fake it till you make it.”

Just the simple action of acting confident, even when you are not, can inspire belief and trust in others.

Please do not mix confidence with arrogance. Confidence is one thing but arrogance is having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

That disconnect from reality can kill any personal or business relationships.

Humble: Nobody likes a show off. You will get more help from others with an act of humility.

Create trust from others by asking for their thoughts. When a person feels involved, they will become more and more invested.

As a valued part of the team, they will trust your leadership and direction you take. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses.

A great leader trusts themselves and their team.

They must be humble enough to acknowledge and accept their weaknesses and give responsibility and power to those who are strong in regards to the task at hand.

Tranquility: Staying calm during adversity will install a sense of trust in your employees and customers. Stress is going to happen.

What matters is how you manage it, and how you maintain your composure throughout the process.

Where most people panic, remaining confident and unwavered will cause people to gravitate towards you and give you the support needed to reach the finish line.

Stress is good. Everybody needs a little stress to keep them focused, but stress in excess can cause all types of medical issues and problems.

“Stress kills” is a term that should not be taken lightly. Why? Because stress can literally kill.

Stress is correlated with numerous illnesses and must be controlled, or it will control you.

Perseverance: Nobody wins without failing.

If a person says they have never failed before, they are either lying or they have never actually tried, so failing was not an option.

You gain trust through experience. You might fail. However, when you have perseverance, even in failure you build trust.

Trust that you can handle complications, difficulty, and the ups and downs proves that you are here to stay and your business is too.

Experience also builds tenacity, tough skin, and confidence in your ability to pick yourself up when you do fail. You do not fail and mope around.

You take action because you know that failure it temporary and only brings you one step closer to achievement.


A business that has, in its foundation, a lack of trust will struggle to ever reach its full potential. It will not last the test of time.

You will create more problems, and exude more energy to deceive and cheat your way through schemes than if you were just upfront and honest.

It just does not make sense. Take the right actions from the start.

Do things the right way the first time and everything else that comes along will follow suit.

It is not wise to build a castle on sand. It must be built on the foundation of trust, authenticity, confidence, humility, tranquility, experience and much more…

The stronger the characteristics of the business owner, the stronger the business will be itself.